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Is it easy to set up my business in Dubai?

With the right guidance and a proper business support partner, it can be done easily and smoothly. The government of UAE is very proactive and supportive towards businesses.

Is my presence required for setting up my company?

Your presence will be required for signing the articles of incorporation, visa stamping on your passport and opening bank accounts.

What can Bizworks do for me?

Think of Bizworks as your business support partner. From the inception of the company to all ongoing legal requirements, we are here to assist you with proper guidance and on-time completion of all such works.

Are there any annual company costs?

The annual expenses include the renewal of your company trade license which should be valid to do business and hold bank accounts. Office rent, sponsorship fees, renewals of visas/ work permits are some of the recurring costs.

Does Bizworks operate digitally and is e-friendly?

We cater to our clients as per their needs. We have clients who prefer paperless transactions and some who don’t. We respect their choice and serve them as per their preference. As a company, we support our government’s initiative towards a paperless and environmentally friendly smart economy.

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