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Company formation and licensing

Company types

  1. Mainland company 
  2. Freezone company
  3. Offshore company
  4. Branch of an existing company

1. Mainland company

Mainland companies fall under the UAE company laws and have very few restrictions. Since June 2021, most of the licenses in mainland do not need a UAE national sponsor or agent anymore. Professional Services companies can be 100% foreign-owned with an agent – we provide you a UAE national sponsor if you need one. Majority of the Commercial/ Trading/ Industrial licenses are LLC with a 100% foreign holding.

The company is to be registered under the Dubai Economic Department to obtain a mainland license. Notarized Legal agreements are made for the company formation and also to protect your investment.

Office space is needed – we can assist you in finding the right office of your choice. Some business activities are allowed virtual locations for a limited time.


  • 100% Ownership
  • More options of business activities.
  • No restrictions on number of visas (as long as you can show valid requirement for them).
  • You can operate more freely in the UAE.
  • Mainland license is required to do business with government entities.

2. Freezone company

Freezone companies can have 100% foreign ownership but are restricted to a list of predefined business activities. The company will be under the company laws of the freezone it is set up in.


  • 100% ownership
  • No import/export custom duties
  • No corporate and income tax

3. Offshore company

An Offshore Company is a legal business entity that is set up with the intention of operating outside its registered jurisdiction and/or the location of its ultimate ownership. It is a virtual company, on paper, no office and can have a bank account to operate. Offshore companies can be used to own assets & real estate in the UAE.


  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • Local Real Estate Ownership.
  • Multi-currency bank accounts in the UAE.
  • Names of shareholders and directors do not have to be disclosed on a public register.

4. Branch of an existing company

Setting up of a branch in Dubai of an existing company.

The existing company maybe from anywhere in the UAE Mainland or Freezone or even a foreign company from outside the UAE.

Visas, Work Permits & Licences

Golden Visa and PRO services

Special Visa Services

  • Golden Visas (All categories)
  • Retirement Visa
  • Long term (5 Years) Multiple Entry Visit Visas for the UAE

Apart from special visas, every business has a constant need for PRO services. We take care of the tiresome and the ongoing processes so you can focus on your core business. We are well versed with the legal procedures and government departments.

To suit your needs, we offer PRO packages on annual contracts or customized to your needs. Our charges are reasonable and affordable. Call now to know more.

Our PRO services include

  • Trade License – New/Amendments/Renewals/Cancellations.
  • Work Permits & Visas – New, renewals & cancellations.
  • Special Approvals from different government departments.

Your VAT Covered

Registration for VAT

All companies in UAE need to register for VAT and have a Tax Registration Number (TRN). We guide and assist our clients to fulfil the VAT requirements.

account opening & beyond

Banking assistance

Opening a new company bank account is not easy in the UAE. Also choosing the right bank for your business is very important. We advise on which bank to choose and assist you to open your bank accounts smoothly & quickly.